Sewers of the World: Help Healthcare Worker’s with the N95 Mask Shortage  

Hospitals and healthcare workers are experiencing a shortage of protective gear. More notably, the N95 masks.

If you have a sewing machine or even thread and a needle, here’s how you can help. Watch any of the DIY mask videos below and get to sewing. (See this article on which fabrics to use):

Next, distribute the mask(s) by trying any of the following:

1. Call your local hospital
Ask if you can donate protective masks. Needs are rapidly changing everyday so call again in a few days if this isn't the case at the time. Try asking if they can direct you to a local facility that might need the masks.

2. Reach out to existing mask distribution coordinators
There are several people coordinating the collection and distribution of masks. 

Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Twitter: @AynRandPaulRyan
Email (bwcs2020@protonmail) or text her (240-844-2514) for a collection address.

Karen Booth
Twitter: @karenbooth
Fill out Karen’s form here to help get matched locally.

3. Donate to your neighbords, particularly the elderly
At the very least, if neither of these options are a successful, donate to your neighbors, particularly the elerly.

Note: According to the CDC, DIY masks are not considered personal protective equipment (PPE) since the ability to protect healthcare personnel (HCP) is unknown. However if face masks are not available, HCP may use homemade masks to care for patients with COVID-19 as a last resort.

"Homemade masks should ideally be used in combination with a face shield that covers the entire front (that extends to the chin or below) and sides of the face."

Follow #millionmaskchallenge, #millionmaskmayday, and #GetMePPE for live updates.

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COVID-19 Adversity: Privilege Plays a Role, Reaffirming Hope Without Blind Positivity  

To the one reading this--family, friends, supporters,

As things fluctuate during this time, we want to first send our love and prayers to those affected by COVID-19. Our utmost gratitude to healthcare professionals saving lives, researchers fighting the virus, and workers making sure our day-to-day needs are fulfilled.


We also want to be careful not to offer blanket words of positivity or stand by acting as though everything is fine, because it isn’t.

We are hopeful, but not oblivious. We understand the severity this virus has on people is not equal across the board. Although the lines blur between social class, industries, political parties, nationalities, etc. (regarding who can catch the virus), the reality is that anxiety, stress, and fear are heightened in people based on working status, a steady income, and health care resources.

For those with the convenience of working from home, it’s easy for us to be positive. All we have to do is roll out of bed, take some virtual meetings, and find ways to keep entertained while being quarantined.

But for those on the front lines having to pick up extra shifts to make ends meet for their families, that level of comfort and positivity is not as present.


With that being said, it is not a time to spread fear but a time to reaffirm hope within one another. To support one another.

It is in this widespread adversity that the true strength in numbers show. We may be in physical separation, but the power of digital connectivity is more prominent than ever. You see people coming together, challenging each other on social media.

Try checking in on the people having to leave their homes everyday, exposed to the virus, to keep the world moving. Check in on your friends that may have lost their jobs or have loved ones who have.

How are you feeling? What can I do to support you through this?


At Most Prominent Co. supporting others is the foundation on which we operate on. We urge you to take this time not just to get around to activities you didn’t have time for before, but to reflect on the kind of person you want to be after this passes.

When all is said and done did you help when your neighbor, friend, or lady in line was in need? Or did you go silent because helping would have inconvenienced you?

No matter where you are in this, whether it will be easy for you or the most stressful thing you’ve ever faced, one thing is for certain--you, we, all of us, will come out stronger than ever.

Take care of each other where it is safe to do so.

With love,

Avery Antonio / Founder




Sewers of the World: Help Healthcare Worker’s with the N95 Mask Shortage