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Most Prominent Co. is a fashion brand telling stories of fair labor and serving others through garments. We support those advocating for fair labor practices and sustainable fashion through meaningful stories that are incorporated into collections and explored through community projects.


Most Prominent Co. is a brand based out of Los Angeles relaunched in 2019 by Avery Antonio (Filipino-American) and Mayra Moran (Peruvian-American). MPCo. is committed to creating garments driven by important messages around fair labor and circular fashion while uplifting women.

Neither Avery nor Mayra have formal technical design or fashion training. They are self-taught individuals who met during university where they studied Global Supply Chain Management (Avery) and Marketing and Business Law (Mayra). After an Environmental and Occupational Health course, Avery was exposed to the realities of labor working conditions across various industries and decided to bring this knowledge into fashion. 

Since then, the two women aligned on a vision to create clothes they would wear as a platform to share meaningful stories inspired by laborers of all industries, and advocate for fair labor.

In doing so they aim to educate others about the connection between their clothes and the very people who make them. 


We source fabric from natural fibers such as GOTS organic cotton and select materials that uphold longevity in your day-to-day life. This way, garments are built to last.

Production is either in-house where we repurpose clothes donated to us or cut and sewn in a garment facility that we can visit and ensure a healthy work environment. 

We conduct additional research when assessing factories to work wioth from sampling to full-production. The factories we work with take the extra step to ensure a living wage (not just "fair").


Our goal is to source and produce with radical transparency--knowing how and where every material was made, by whom, and under what working conditions. This is currently limited by what manufacturers and suppliers choose to disclose to us. If potential vendors withold information that we require in order to evaluate the “fairness” of their business (e.g. certificates, on-site visit or proof of safe working conditions), we do not move forward with a partnership and will look elsewhere.

Each item in our shop has details about the material sourced for the item and the production and printing processes.

In the fashion industry, total transparency is especially difficult to achieve with limited oversight and frequent legal battles; however, this is no excuse. We are dedicated to being a responsbile brand that is mindful about garment workers’ livelihood and sustainable practices.