“FORGIVE ME FOR I AM HUMAN” runs across the vintage ringer tees. For those that wear it, it means just that.

At some point we each have most likely contributed to fast fashion and have consequently played a role in its harmful effects.

It’s not like we wish for garment workers to get paid $4.00 an hour. It’s not like we want child labor to exist. It’s not like we hope for garment labor working conditions to be uncomfortably hot and dusty. It’s not like we want cotton to contain pesticides.

We are imperfect beings that generally mean no harm. As most people do, we just want affordable clothes that make us feel good.

Unfortunately, cheap clothes come at a cost. And it’s not an immediate cost to your wallet, but long-term effects on someone who’s first name you’ll probably never get.

Like any solution, the first step is understanding where you fit in the picture of this complex supply chain we call the fashion industry.

As a socially-conscious apparel brand, we can either be condescending and shameful to those that still shop at fast fashion stores, or we can approach this in a collaborative manner; by guiding people in the right direction.

Here’s to your first step. To re-evaluating your shopping habits. Here’s to the apologetic. Here’s to doing better.