MARCH 20, 2018

Factory Clean Up Project

In release the Benevolence Collection, we showed our manufacturer, Tuly Pena, and her team of eight, some compassion by throwing our first factory clean up project. Volunteers and the MPCo. team helped clean her facility, build ergonomically sound chairs, and fund posture improvement supplies.

In a report by the Garment Worker Center (GWC), UCLA Labor Center, and UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health,

72% of garment workers said their work areas were filled with dust. 60% reported excessive heat and dust, 42% claimed exits were regularly blocked, and 49% said there were no first aid kits.

High-temperatures in the summer, primarily due to the poor ventilation and dust, impairs cognitive performance, causes dehydration and discomfort, and increases psychological strain for garment worker's.