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APRIL 24, 2019

Over 100lbs of Textiles Were Donated at the Make It Last Clothes Drive, What Impact Does This Have?

Attendees at the Make It Last Clothes Drive helped donate over 100lbs of textiles; however, the true impact goes beyond weight.

About the event
In honor of Fashion Revolution Week, we hosted a clothes drive for the Make It Last Program and collaboration with C.Mota Studio on repurposed first responder uniforms as a reminder to turn fashion into a force for good.

Enjoy free custom prints if you donate clothes—bring any piece of clothing or textile-covered item you want customized (e.g. hoodie, tote bag, canvas shoes).

Donate clothes into one of three bins that represent a different non-profit:
  1. Garment Worker Center
  2. Fabscrap
  3. Clean Clothes Campaign

If we repurpose and sell a garment you donate, we will give 15% of the sale to that non-profit. (Clothes we do not get around to upcycling will go to Helpsy who prevents textiles from ending up in landfills.)

About the C.Mota Studio Collaboration

15% of every purchase from the collaboration will be donated to ReMake.

Pioneering the shape of sustainable living by reclaiming & repurposing existing materials, C.Mota Studio builds community in alignment with innovators advocating progressive social & environmental solutions to protect people and our planet.

The founder of C.Mota Studios, Carla Mota, was the former Design Director of Champion and now advocates for progressive social and environmental solutions.

The art of giving.

Psychology tells us that the joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of receiving. With the help of Nous Tous LA, we created a space for event attendees to give back and support other organizations.

Attendees chose from a set of boxes to drop clothes into. Each box represented a different nonprofit fighting for garment worker rights and sustainable fashion locally in Los Angeles and on a global scale—Clean Clothes Campaign, Garment Worker Center, and Fab Scrap.

For each donated item that we repurpose through the Make It Last Program, we will donate 15% of the sale to one of the nonprofits. Clothes we do not get around to repurposing will be sent directly to Helpsy, a certified B-Corporation company that handles textile collection and keeps clothes out of landfills.

Using fashion as a force for good.

An exclusive look into the First Responder Series collaboration with C.Mota Studio was also released at the event (available online this month). The series showcases repurposed first-responder uniforms with the message to use fashion as a force for good.

We will donate 15% of each purchase from the collaboration to REMAKE, a nonprofit using firsthand documentary footage and stories to make the invisible women who power the fashion industry visible.

A “Reuse Forever” mentality.

Efforts around innovative production and sustainable textiles are already in motion. But what about already existing clothes? Exhibiting a “Reuse Forever” mentality means doing what it takes to keep items in use and out of landfills.

The idea behind the Make It Last Program and First Responder Series collaboration is to demonstrate that anything can be turned into something of value through minor alters or complete reconstruction.

Special thanks to the following organizations and people: