Senate Bill 1399: The Garment Worker Protection Act

Current Status
September 1, 2020: Senate Bill 1399 died in the California State Assembly when California lawmakers failed to vote on the bill before time ran out.

July 29, 2020: The California Assembly Labor Committee voted in favor of the Garment Worker Protection Act (SB 1399). Allies of the Garment Worker Center, fair-labor advocates and brands alike, called into the hearing in support of the bill.

If your interests relate to fashion, you consider yourself as part of the fashion industry, or you believe people should earn more than $5/hour, SB1399 should matter to you. The bill extends laws and wording that ultimately protect garment workers from wage theft. ⁣

Key Bill Takeaways
  • WAGES: Garment workers are prohibited from being paid by the piece. (Historically, workers were getting paid cents per unit they worked on.)⁣
  • LIABILITY: All parties (retailers and brands included) engaged in garment manufacturing share liability for legal responsibilities regardless of how many layers of outsourced contracting is involved ⁣
  • PAYMENT: Parties must guarantee payment of unpaid minimum and stolen wages and overtime pay even when factories are shutdown⁣
  • OVERSIGHT: the Labor Bureau of Field Enforecment is authorized to investigate and cite parties for wage theft⁣

“Several manufacturers have attempted to avoid liability by adding layers of contracting between themselves and the employees manufacturing the garments. [Before the bill]...manufacturers have no incentive to ensure safe conditions or the proper minimum wage and overtime payments for the workers producing their garments without liability.”

This bill is a significant step in the fight for fair-labor practices and it's all thanks to those who are continuously vocal about and stand for garment workers.



Bill Authors

Bill Co-sponsors

Assembly Members
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MARCH 20, 2020

Brands are Cancelling Orders, How to Stand with the #PayUp Movement

Billionaire owners of big name fashion retailers such as @topshop, @urbanoutfitters, and @gap are cancelling orders with factories for already finished clothes.⁣

Factories have paid upfront for the raw materials, labor, printing, etc. but in light of COVID-19, retailers are cancelling orders and refusing to pay for them without any discussion, negotiation, or compromise.⁣

This is causing factories to eat the costs which trickles down to garment workers not getting paid.⁣ It is crucial for us as consumers and brands to get loud with the #PayUp movement and stand behind garment workers.

FEBRUARY 13, 2020

The Made for More Campaign: Featuring Diana Diaz

The Made for More Campaign highlights those going beyond themselves in their field of work to give back to the communities they are apart of.

Diana Diaz, founder of Diana Diaz Label and nonprofit organizer for For Sanctuary, tells her story about her personal connection to the garment worker community as a fashion designer.